Mentoring is the act of using your previous experiences to support and guide someone with less experience.

The International Mentor Network actively encourages people into mentoring and works with several partner organisations to help them find mentors.

If you are interested in being a mentor, then we recommend taking a look at the short course on the theory of mentoring on this site.

You will need to think about which field you’d like to mentor in, for example:

  • colleagues in your job
  • children in schools
  • young people in the community
  • young people exploring their early career steps
  • young entrepreneurs
  • entrepreneurs
  • start-ups
  • successful business owners
  • apprentices
  • executives

When you join the International Mentor Network we’ll identify your needs during your induction.  This may include pairing you with an existing Member or Fellow Mentor to help you get started.

We recommend people who are interested in mentoring to join as Affiliate Mentors.

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