The International Mentor Network is a new concept, it is about professional development, learning, news, events and meeting other mentors.  We exist to introduce mentors to other mentors for professional discussion or collaborative working.

Whilst we are not focussed on helping mentees find mentors, we recognise that our work is likely to lead to some mentors seeking a more formal mentoring arrangements from other members, for example a new business mentor, seeking mentoring from an experienced accelerator mentor to grow their business

Likewise, we also expect mentors to be approached for mentoring directly by mentees through our public Register of Mentors (for Associate Mentors and above).

In these cases we leave it to the professional discretion of the mentors involved to decide whether they want to charge for their time.

Where is the line between professional dialogue and formal mentoring?

There is no black and white answer to this question, however a good rule of thumb is if you are sharing your general experience during a one-off conversation then it’s likely to be a dialogue, whereas if you are using your experience and skills to tailor specific advice over a number of sessions, then this is the basis of a more formal mentoring relationship.

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