One of the advantages that comes as an added benefit is that Member and Fellow Mentors get listed on our public access database of mentors – the Register of Mentors.

Our mission is to provide professional development for mentors and our work is focussed on that.  However, we also recognise that in building a global community for mentors then we will effectively build one of the largest databases of mentors in the world!

Listed mentors are fully in charge of what is displayed and the content of their listing.  We mark them as a Verified Mentor, showing that we checked their references and they passed the assessment to join the Network.

This is the perfect opportunity for Mentors to share their expertise, use the Network to meet their needs and a great opportunity for you to attract new clients.

We are already working with several partner organisations who intend to use the Register of Mentors to find mentors.


Please note – During application Mentors have a choice about whether they want to be listed or withhold their information.  Member and Fellow Mentors interested will automatically then receive a log in to manage their public listing.