There are many informal mentors around the world who give up their time to help others through volunteer mentoring.

It may be that you are giving up some of your time to work with children in schools or the community, it may be that you are mentoring drug users, or that you are working in a charity to help the homeless.

We also recognise that it can be hard for volunteer mentors to access additional training or theory beyond their initial training sessions, either it’s hard to get to sessions or they just aren’t available.

Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to speak to other mentors and share your experiences or learn from them.

Through our community we want to help you to access learning about the principles underpinning mentoring, so that you grow at the same time as being more effective with your mentees.  We want to connect you with other mentors and help you to share your experiences and become a stronger, better, more effective mentor.

The International Mentor Network recognises that it is only through the devotion of unpaid mentors like you that hundreds of thousands of lives are changed.

We would like to thank you for giving up your time by inviting you to use the promotional code iamamentor at the checkout to get a 20% discount.